Services & Amenities

Experience a renewed quality of life that comes
with our support services and convenient amenities.


Uncomplicate Life

Orchard Heights offers the freedom, independence and peace of mind that comes with no longer having to worry about the obligations that come with living at home.

Now with more choices, feeling energized and empowered, residents are more fulfilled and can pursue personal goals, take full advantage of the seemingly endless amount of social activities or simply enjoy the beautiful campus and many amenities with friends and family.



Features that residents would never get while living at home.

  • ICE CREAM PARLOR – Satisfy your sweet tooth with a tasty treat from our ice cream parlor where we host ice cream socials! Your loved ones get the opportunity to socialize with other residents, make friends and enjoy ice cream on a weekly basis.
  • BEAUTY SALON & BARBER SHOP – Your loved one will always look and feel their best after a fresh haircut or styling at our beauty salon and barber shop! A trip to the salon/barber shop gives your loved one a confidence boost and helps them feel appreciated.
  • ART ROOM – Residents have the chance for a creative outlet to promote their own self-expression and be a part of a vibrant community spirit.
  • LIBRARY – If your loved one enjoys reading in a quiet, peaceful environment, the library is the perfect place to go! A wide selection of books provides a genre for every resident to explore and stimulates cognitive thinking for maintaining a healthy mindset.
  • BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR PATIOS – Assisted living doesn’t mean spending all day locked inside of a building. Residents are allowed to enjoy the openness of our outdoor patios to help combat feelings of isolation or entrapment.
  • THE ORCHARD STORE – Residents can purchase candy/snacks, toiletries, greeting cards, and more using their trust accounts or cash. If a resident runs out of something, they have the option to purchase it at the store, this is especially helpful if families live out of town.
  • WI-FI ACCESS – We offer free high-speed WI-FI access throughout our facility so you can always stay connected with your loved ones and they won’t feel lonely or isolated.
  • BEAUTIFUL WALKING PATH – Assisted living can sometimes trigger feelings of isolation or entrapment. Our walking path allows residents to stroll freely through luscious greenery and spend time outside of the facility, which helps combat these feelings and provides a sense of peace.



Residents thrive as they trade in old obligations for new opportunities.

24/7 Nursing

In case of an emergency, your loved ones will never have to wait for help to arrive. We always have a licensed nursing professional on-site to assist and care for your loved ones.

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Transitioning to assisted living can lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness. We encourage (but never require) daily social interaction through our 24/7 activities calendar, live entertainment, etc. to help your loved one combat these feelings.

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  • Housekeeping Services

  • Scheduled Medical Transportation

  • Maintenance Services

We offer multiple meal selections from our robust menus and seasonal options for your enjoyment.

Mealtime is always energetic and social at Orchard Heights as residents gather together to enjoy tasty meals prepared by our team of experienced Chefs.

Additional benefits include:

  • Special dietary accommodations (diabetic, no added salt, mechanical soft, etc.)
  • Breakfast made to order
  • Additional menu of favorites, always available
  • Outdoor dining on the patio in warmer months
  • Main menus are approved by a certified Dietitian
  • Individual dietary needs are carefully reviewed as a part of every medical care plan
  • Private dining room available for residents and families to reserve for special occasions