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Loving care given by the staff of Orchard Heights

I must commend the kind, loving care given by the staff of Orchard Heights. The special concerts, activities and fine dining make my sister feel she is ‘home.’

By Renee Hess 4/17/2024


Can’t thank you enough for the great care

I totally appreciate the great care Orchard Heights provided during the 5 years my aunt lived there. You all were super at staying in touch with me-and we always found Orchard Heights was a very pleasant place to visit when we were in town. Again, we can’t thank you enough for the great care she received! We would be happy to be a referral to highly recommend your facility to any and all.

By Nancy Mcfarland 3/6/2024


They have treated my dad with kindness and respect.

My dad needed to go in an assisted living facility due to a fall. The staff here couldn’t be nicer and more helpful. From Cynthia at the front desk always with a smile on her face to the nurses and aides on Lilac, they always have my dad’s best interests at heart. They truly care about the residents. I’d like to especially thank Tracy, Denise, Karen, Kelly, Joanna, Jasmine, Sherie, Carlie, Skye and Krista. They have treated my dad with kindness and respect.

By Lynn Wernert 8/2/2023


If I need something, she will stop what she is doing to help me.

From day one Cynthia (front desk) has made me & my family feel at home & and still continues to do so. If I need something, she will stop what she is doing to help me. She is the “face” of Orchard Heights as she is the first person you see when you walk in the door. She is the perfect person to represent Orchard Heights. It’s never easy bringing a loved one to assisted living but Cynthia does whatever she can to make it easier. I can’t thank her enough.

By Trish Graffeo 7/25/2023


Thank You for providing wonderful care and for hiring incredible individuals

My mother, Jeanne Moore, moved into Orchard Heights this past September. She was diagnosed with dementia in January 2020. The staff at Orchard Heights has made all the difference for my peace of mind and for my mothers well-being. In particular, Theresa Addison is an absolute Blessing to my mother and to me as well. Theresa gives me updates, reassurance, and information about my mom that allows me to be content with the decision to have moved her to Orchard Heights. She goes out of her way to make sure that my mom eats dinner. She keeps me updated on my mom’s progress, activities, and habits. She is so incredibly personable, and knowledgeable and very-obviously caring and compassionate. I appreciate her very much.

Orchard Heights is a wonderful place for my mother. Other staff members that I have come to know and appreciate as well, are Tammy Jo, Tracy, and Cynthia at the front desk. Each of these wonderful women have helped and advised me along the way and I enjoy seeing them when I visit, which is quite often.

Thank you for providing such wonderful care and for hiring these incredible individuals.

By Debra Freilicher 6/6/2023


It is a happy and welcoming environment at Orchard Heights.

I just wanted to thank the team at Orchard Heights for taking such great care of my dad, Jeffrey. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are that he is living in such a caring environment. He is very happy to be there. I had a chance to talk with him at length yesterday on the telephone, and he told me that he really loves it there. He said that everyone is so nice to him and he wished he could help them as much as they help him. A friend who is visiting him today asked him if liked living at Orchard Heights, and he said that he loves it. Each member of the staff that I have had the opportunity to meet has been extremely kind and professional. Each time my dad leaves his room, he is greeted by name by members of the OH team. They seem genuinely interested in the well-being of the residents and consistently go above and beyond what would be expected in just about everything they do.

There is an interesting dynamic that exists there. It is a happy and welcoming environment. Organizations try for years to replicate the environment that exists there, many without success. Thank you for everything you are doing.

I also want to thank Alicia for working with Mercy Hospital to ensure he could return to Orchard Heights after his procedure and also thank Brianna and others for identifying the problem and making sure he got medical attention. As a result of their efforts, the team at Mercy was able to correct a problem he had been living with since receiving prostate cancer treatment in 2019.

By Greg 12/19/2022


During the big snow storm many workers stayed to help and even spent the night

I am very favorably impressed with the high quality of care provided by the staff. They are always willing to provide help when needed and present a very positive attitude when asked for additional help. During the big snow storm many workers stayed to help and even spent the night. A big thanks to the staff!!

By Vera Ann Monroe 11/23/2022


You offer a lot of things to do

You people do a very good job here. You offer a lot of things to do. People can find something they like to do. I don’t like Bingo but I do like to exercise, I like to sing here too, I didn’t like to before I came here though. It’s best to sing from the heart.

By Daniel J. Lack 4/21/2022